YMCAWO Annual Report 2015
I was transformed I feel alive again.JPG

I was transformed. I feel alive again!

“For the better part of 20 years I trained and dedicated my life in the hopes in making the Canadian National Women’s Ice Hockey team. In the end I did not make the team however, through the years I learned much about life and living and am grateful for that. In spite of this, and other experiences, nothing could have prepared me for the traumas and devastating events of the past 6 years. These tragedies and events downed me. For years my emotional, psychological and physical injuries prevented me from living even a skeleton of my previous life. My spirit was broken and my sense of self was shattered.

One day I built up enough courage and strength to go to the YMCA and walk through the doors. I wasn’t sure what to expect nor what I was looking for. I was hoping that I would at least be able to swim once again so I got a membership and began to swim. After that first step and first class at the Y I slowly began to go to more classes- aquasize, yoga and light aerobics.

I was transformed.

The encouraging and positive energy of the staff and members was life-giving for me. In conjunction with a Brain Injury program, the Y has allowed me to begin to see myself as a member of society again. After my first week at the Y I texted my sister: I feel alive again.

I am so grateful that there is this community to be a part of and to be able to heal and grow here.”

- Catherine's Y Story