YMCAWO Annual Report 2015
Navigating my new country.jpg

Navigating my new country.

“Moving from Afghanistan to Canada gave my family a new life. My home country had turned into a place that people feared because of the violence and bombings; it was a scary place. Since I was 8 I had worked in a clothing shop and a restaurant to support my family. When I came to Canada I attended school for the first time and my mother, brother and sisters found what we came for – a new culture, new people, and new opportunities. I had never been to a Y before and now it is part of my life! The Y has helped me with my English (I can read and write in 7 other languages; my mother taught me all of them), given me opportunities to go skating, camping, swimming, bowling and I have met a lot of good people. The YMAP program has truly helped me navigate my new country and I am grateful for that.” -Miraj's Y Story

*YMAP is a program offered at the YMCA that helps to “Map the Way for Newcomer Youth”