Worlds apart no more

"One of my students helped me answer the question “WHY the Y?”. Sitting in my cozy kitchen reading the morning newspaper I am consumed with sad news stories from the other side of the world with headlines such as “Car bomb explodes, kills and injures many, war continues.”  These headlines seem so distant, but then one day Oday enters the Y, and all of a sudden, we remember why we do what we do. Oday has been given a chance to blossom, be himself and people respect his differences and care deeply about him.  As a part of our Y family he greets students, staff, and members every morning and prepares the tea kettle for morning break. He always says “I love to help!” As a LINC student, he has near-perfect attendance, does his homework every day, and practices his English in and out of the classroom. Oday has created a nice routine and community for himself and in turn, is integrating into Canadian society very well. He brings joy to everyone he meets and gives us hope that the Y is helping some way in this very complicated world.”