Leadership and adventure are just the beginning

“After being abroad with my family for 5 years my hometown was unrecognizable when we came back to Canada. We travelled overseas to Nepal and Botswana where our group received a grant for an outreach program to help people with HIV and AIDS — it was an incredible experience! When I returned to Canada I found, even though I had reconnected with a few friends, that a lot of people had changed and I was encouraged to the join the Y. At the Y I got involved in an International student program where I met Korean students and I’m not exactly sure how I got involved in YExperienceU (a program for youth that helps build leadership and survival skills) but I love it! I’ve learned a lot about leadership and how to lead, I’ve met new friends from other schools, and the Y has also taught me how to work with people even if they don’t have the same ideas as I do. Because I am involved in Y youth programs I feel as though an empty space has been filled; I’m loving learning with friends, my leaders and the adventure!”