YMCAWO Annual Report 2015
The more obstacles.jpg

The more obstacles we overcome, the stronger we become!

“Weseley was born with half a heart and as a result has physical limitations. Last year, despite being nervous, his mother Amy enrolled him and his sister for a few days in Y March Break Day Camp. She was comforted to know that the Y was prepared to support Weseley with an inclusion counselor. Ray, his counselor, carried an oxygen tank with him at all times and was there for Weseley with whatever assistance was required. He made so many friends and had so much fun in the first few days that his mom enrolled him for the remainder of the week. Weseley had overcome so many barriers and surpassed what they thought he was capable of! Amy was so happy with their Y experience and that makes me proud to be a Y camp team member.” 
- Jerad’s Y Story