YMCAWO Annual Report 2015
The Y has been my lifeline.jpg

The Y has been my lifeline!

“My involvement with the YMCA keeps me and my mind active. Ten years ago my health took a turn and I was diagnosed with polycystic kidney failure. Even though I was quite ill, I kept active because I believe exercise is key and I would come to the Y between dialysis treatments. As a result of the shape I was in, I was chosen to receive a kidney transplant and was given my ‘beeper’. I couldn’t have been happier as I have 5 children of my own and wanted to be around to see my 14 grandchildren grow. I remember the day my ‘beeper’ went off like it was yesterday (February 10 is now my second birthday). I was volunteering at the Y and wasn’t even sure what the sound was at first. A Y staff (a Y friend actually) came over and we found my ‘beeper’ buzzing away and I knew had to be to the hospital within an hour and a half so the organ would be viable; a whirlwind of emotions spun around me and I had to go! Y staff is like family and they helped me gather my items and made sure I had a ride to the hospital. What a better environment to be at than the Y when it went off?! After my surgery I continued to be active and the Y instructors showed me various exercises to help with my healing. The medical professionals were so impressed with my recovery that they are now using some of the techniques the Y taught me. The Y really is a helping hand for people; it is a social and emotional support and continues to contribute to my healing. They wonder where I am if I’m not there and the Y is what I was looking for- a community!”

- Dianne's Y Story