YMCAWO Annual Report 2015
The Y is safe comfortable and makes us feel important.JPG

The Y is safe, comfortable and makes US feel important.

“I moved back to my hometown after being away for 15 years and as a single mom of 2 beautiful boys we were looking for a community to fit in with. The Y has been a lifesaver! With our limited resources we moved into a small apartment and I started to make choices about how to live as the ‘3 of us’. This is when I decided to join the YMCA and the impact of that one decision has forever changed our lives.

We live in a very small apartment and one Christmas the boys asked if they could have a bedroom from Santa. Unfortunately, this wasn’t possible so we changed our thinking and made the Y our second home. My kid’s friends will meet us at the Y and they join programs together- the Y turns into this big living room with laughter, friends and lots of fun! I will join in a yoga class while my kids are playing and this is so important because it promotes fitness and self-care for my kids.

The Y couldn’t be any better for a single mom and I’ve tapped into various branches for different programs and made it work for our family. The memberships work so well for us and financially the Y is affordable as we wouldn’t be able to swim, workout, do karate, and much more for even a fraction of the price. As a family we have already had so many Y moments. The magnitude of the gestures that Y staff exhibit are so huge- they impact so many people. I have to be solid for my kids and that’s my WHY the Y!”

- Kimberly's Y Story